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Ronesh - Lead the Orchestra

Noteable producer/rapper Ronesh has been honing his craft and it has yielded impressive results. With a resume full of collaborations with independent heavyweights, Ronesh is ready to shake shit up with his upcoming album, Lead the Orchestra. Featuring fellow masters…

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Tru Foe and Doc Da Mindbenda present Tru North

The world of battle rap has never seen such an undeniable force as Tru Foe. He's climbed the ranks and put in work to make a name for himself. This time he's linking with a certified master in the production…

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50% Off Sale Starts Now!

Happy 2 Years of Filthē Analects! We’ve had some incredible releases in these 2 years and have many more to come. Thank you for listening, buying or even spreading the word. It’s all support and we appreciate it. 

In celebration…

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