Ronesh - Earth to Mothership (single) featuring NotPo3, Open Mike Eagle and Jack Herrier

"Earth to Mothership" is the first single from the forthcoming Ronesh project "Lead The Orchestra," courtesy of Filthe Analects Record Company (@filtherecords).

Preorder the album now on bandcamp! Digital/vinyl/cd options available.


NotPo3 (@notpo3) sets things off with a dense, wordplay-filled verse, seamlessly bouncing between the terrestrial and the cosmic.

Open Mike Eagle (@open_mike_eagle) is up second and attacks the beat with stream-of-conciousness syllable manipulation and his trademark dry humor.

Jack Herrier (@plf_jack) closes it out by painting a grim, dystopian picture, weaving in space-related imagery while flexing his technical chops as an emcee.

The haunting and chaotic production from Ronesh (@roneshsofresh) provides the perfect backdrop for the 3 MCs to tackle the concept of "Earth To Mothership."

Artwork by @djseandoe

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